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Different Styles of Stone Veneers

Different Styles of Stone Veneers

Designing your home may be tough at times, especially when you want your design to stand out from your neighbors. It is all about curb appeal, and while adding stone veneer can help improve the attractiveness of your home, its also important to choose the right style of stone that suits your personality! Just like how choosing the proper type of stone veneer to suit your needs is important, so is choosing the right style! Selecting the correct style of stone veneer for your home will have people stopping in their tracks just to admire your stunning home! This is where we come in to help you make difficult decisions.

We carry eight different styles of stone veneers, and they all embody their own version of beauty. Each style is outlined below and accompanied with examples of what they look like. Although we would like to think we have the mind of a designer, ultimately the choice comes down to the customer and what they would prefer to see every day on their own home. From rugged to smooth we carry it all; continue reading to find out which stone veneer style will best suit your taste.


If you are looking for a stone veneer that adds a touch of tradition and modernity to your home, then Ashlar is the style for you! Ashlar stone veneers are smooth-faced, rectangular blocks carved to a consistent size and installed in an organized pattern.


Brick is one of the oldest building materials and conveys a feeling of warmth and tradition. It is very common to see brick in a loft style home, but throughout the years brick has remained popular when used in a more traditional way, such as the residential exterior.


Throughout the history of homebuilding, Fieldstones have remained the handiest and most commonly used of all building materials. Wherever this surface appears ­ indoors, outdoors, in tailored architecture or on a log home in the woods-it provides a powerful, rugged character no other material can match.


Ledgestone is one of the most popular styles in modern stone veneer installations. Ledgestone is both rugged and precise, generally long and rectangular, small in scale, and low relief.


The Linear stone veneers look very clean and organized. They are arranged in straight lines and portray a sense of uniformity. However, these stones are typically not placed in a pattern, rather they are assembled randomly, which adds to its individuality.

Random Ashlar

Although similar in style to Ashlar, Random Ashlar provides a different look and feel. This style is versatile enough to look old fashioned or modern, depending on how it is applied.


The Rounded style is just as it sounds, with its rounded surfaces and medium ­scale texture, it convincingly reproduces the look of stone worn smooth in a rippling stream. These stone veneers lend a sense of comfort and timelessness that can usually be found in cabin-like homes.


Rubble is a style that can add a little edge and ultimately provides a unique look and adds an immense amount of character! This rugged, informal style is purposely irregular and works well both indoors and out.

We hope our blogs are a key resource when you choose the style of stone veneer you would like on your home now or in the future! Whether you’re a homeowner, skilled mason, contractor, designer, or builder, CSI – All Things Stone is here to be your number one source and resource for all things stone and more! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you need help in finding where to buy stone in your area. If you would like to use our online dealer search to find a store near you, please click here to find a store in Canada, or click here to find a store in the United States.


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