Keene™ Building Products

Keene™ Building Products

Keene Building Products is a premium manufacturer of 3-dimensional filament products for both the building envelope and noise control markets. Experts in manufacturing with an eye on sustainability, Keene are considered a pioneer in the field of apartment noise control, building envelope, roofing, and floor preparation.

Building Envelope
Moisture control and proper ventilation of a wall cavity are essential in residential and commercial construction. Keene Building Products has pioneered the use of entangled net products to efficiently manage incidental moisture and create drying potential within the wall cavity. These products are suitable for use in walls, masonry buildings, foundation, and plaza applications. Keene products improve moisture drainage, ventilation and isolation in every facet of commercial and residential construction.

Proper ventilation and drainage are crucial for a healthy roof. Improper or insufficient ventilation of a roof and attic space can lead to a laundry list of potential issues including failure to properly release built up heat, to contributing to moisture buildup that causes rot, mold, rust, and other undesirable consequences.

We carry a variety of building envelope and roofing products from Keene Building Products including; Driwall Rainscreen, Driwall Easy-Fur, Viper CDR Vent and more.

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