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Don’t get Spooked! Blend Your Stones!

Don't get spooked! Blend Your Stones!

With Halloween right around the corner, we’re here for the spooky season and we can’t get enough of it! Our favorite part isn’t the costumes or the candy, it’s the houses dressed for the occasion, especially the ones that look beautiful during the day, then spooky at night! To get in the Halloween spirit, we’re sharing some of our favorite homes using Cultured Stone®, but there’s a twist... each house shows a unique blend of stones beautiful during the day, then spooky at night! Keep on reading to get spooky with Cultured Stone® blends.

If You've Got It, Haunt It

Blend of Dressed Fieldstone & Southern Ledgestone, Bucks County

Nightmare on Elm Street? Is that you? As spooky as this house may be, there is nothing spooky about this blend! This undeniably beautiful blend of our manufactured stone can be seen all over this house. It’s safe to say that Dressed Fieldstone and Southern Ledgestone are a match made in heaven. The color Bucks County is truly the perfect color for all the Fall time feels and we can’t help but feel warm and cozy when we’re around it. 

Creepin' It Real

Blend of Country Ledgestone & Dressed Fieldstone, Aspen

Imagine taking a walk at night and seeing this spooktacular home! We would be a little hesitant to walk by it, but at the same time we would be quite intrigued by its beauty. Our stunning Country Ledgestone and Dressed Fieldstone in the color Aspen were blended to create this one-of-a-kind look. The spaced-out Dressed Fieldstone pieces tie this home together creating that log home design that we all know and love. Along with our manufactured stone veneer, the large logs make this home look comfy and cozy for the Fall season. 


Blend of Country Ledgestone & Dressed Fieldstone, Bucks County

Creepy and gourd-geous at the same time! Day or night, this home looks stunning in any light. Clearly blending our Country Ledgestone and Dressed Fieldstone is a fan favorite, and we can see why. Larger format stones work great with linear stones as it helps break up the linear nature of the stone veneer. Bucks County is a warm stone color that works perfectly on a spooky home or a beautiful and bright fall themed home! 

A Scare is Born

Blend of Country Ledgestone, Black Rundle & Southern Ledgestone, Echo Ridge®

This Victorian style traditional home is nothing less than frightening at night. However, this blend is so unique, we wouldn’t miss the chance to walk up to the front door to Trick or Treat. But in our case, the treat isn’t the candy, the treat is actually getting an up-close look at this marvelous blend. The blend of two unique styles, Country Ledgestone and Southern Ledgestone, and the blend of two distinct colors, Black Rundle and Echo Ridge®, turn this home into a masterpiece. 


Blend of Dressed Fieldstone & Cobblefield®, Echo Ridge®

The traditional style homes tend to look a little creepy during this time of year. However, whether it’s a gloomy night or a bright and sunny day, there’s nothing that can keep us away from this fabulous home. Everything from the stunning color of the stone to the beautiful blue siding and the white trims makes this home look welcoming. Adding a touch of large format stones is a timeless trend, and is carried throughout the exterior of this house using our Dressed Fieldstone and Cobblefield® in the color Echo Ridge®. 

We hope we haven’t spooked you out of blending stones, instead inspired you to do so! There are so many unique blend combinations you can create using Cultured Stone® manufactured stone veneer. For some helpful tips and tricks on blending stones, check out this blog about blending different stones, and this blog about blending different colors. Blending is a fun way to get involved with the process of choosing the perfect stone for your home, so pick your favorite styles and colors and decide if you’d like it better as a blend!

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