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Blending Stone Textures to Create A Custom Look

Blending Stone Textures to Create A Custom Look

Stand out from conventional home designs and create a unique one of a kind look by blending together different styles of stone veneer. Blending different styles of stone is a great way to achieve a distinctive custom look and is the perfect way to add a touch of personal flair and style to your project. Whether you are looking to incorporate stone veneer while building your new home or are considering thin stone as part of a remodel to your current home, please continue reading as we discuss how simply blending stone textures can help you achieve a custom look!

Throughout history, homes have been built using stones found close at hand. It is not uncommon to find homes built centuries ago that feature combinations of random stones styles, that when used together, evoke a certain charm and create a warm rugged aesthetic.

This same technique and design aesthetic continues to be used today as homeowners, builders and designers aim to incorporate a durable masonry element as part of their design, all while adding valuable curb appeal that we all desire! Join the pioneers of stone masonry by mixing and designing ground breaking blends that will make your home stand out from the rest! Whether you are looking to include manufactured stone or natural stone in your design, blending different styles of stone is something that can be done quite easily. To help get you started, most manufactured and natural stone brands offer stone colors that are available in multiple styles. Take a look at blending some of those together but from there you can let your imagination run wild.

Still not convinced what blending stone veneer styles would actually look like? Here’s a look at some examples of how blending multiple stone textures actually helps create a custom look. Please keep in mind, these examples focus on blending 2 styles of stone in the same color:

We hope this post helped provide you with a better understanding on how to customize your project and thinking beyond just selecting from a single stone profile. Stay tuned for our next blog post that will focus on blending stone in more than one color. In that post, we will discuss blending multiple colors of the same stone texture, as well as blending 2 or more stone textures in more than a single color. With stone, the possibilities are endless!


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