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A Guide to Blending Stone Textures & Colors

There are many ways to get creative and design unique one-of-a-kind looks with stone veneer. Blending different stone textures is one way your project can stand out from more typical stone clad designs. However, did you know that you can take your blended design a step further? Dare to be different and blend different stone textures AND colors which will allow you create an even more innovative and unique look. This post shows how you can blend either one or two textures with more than one color option. Keep on reading if you would like to know what blending different stone textures and colors would look like!

The experts at Cultured Stone® say that our homes are an expression of our true selves and the heart of our everyday activities. Our homes shelter not only our material possessions, but also memories of the good times we share with family and friends. Over time, our homes evolve as an expression of our tastes and the activities that fill our days. So why not create a unique design that will transform your home into a tangible expression of your dreams and personality. Here is where blending different stone textures and colors can come into play!

Express your character through interior design elements such as fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes, or even feature walls. Looking to clad stone to the exterior of your home? Blending stone textures and colors is another perfect decorative stone accent to add to the exterior of your home! Whether you want to evoke a specific period, or just boost your curb appeal, there’s no better way to make a statement than a home’s exterior! All you need is the right mason who has experience in blending stone veneer.

When blending different stone textures and colors together, it’s important to consider what you would like your finished project to look like. Would you like to blend modern, classic or both stone styles together? What kind of color pallet are you going for? Neutral, complementing or contrasting colors? These are key questions to consider before you select your stone and color options.

To help make your decision making easier, here’s a look at what blending different stone textures and colors looks like. You can choose to blend two textures and one color, one texture and two colors, or two textures and two colors:  Really your imagination and creativity are your only limitations!

Two Textures, One Color

One Texture, Two Colors

Two Textures, Two Colors

We hope this post helped learn how get creative and design unique looks with stone veneer. Don’t be afraid to make a statement. Be different and blend different stone textures and colors together! Whether you are interested in natural stone, fake stone, natural clay thin brick, faux brick, natural stone panels, or even faux paneled stone, turn up the texture and create an impression by blending stone!

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