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Unique Home Office Spaces ft. Stone and Brick Veneer

Unique Home Office Spaces Ft. Stone & Brick Veneer

It’s been over a year, and we are still learning and continuously adapting as we make our way through the Covid-19 pandemic. These past number of months have been challenging, and millions have had to make an unexpected shift in where and how they work. Out of necessity many of us have found new and innovative ways to work safely and efficiently from home. Some have been lucky and had office/study space already set up and ready to use, whereas some have had to transform spaces around the house into unique work environments.

We have proven that productively working from home can be done and for many having to head into the office could be a permanent thing of the past. So we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate and recognize unique home office spaces conducive to productivity and creativity but are also incredibly stylish. These unique home office spaces are a mix between professional and unconventional rooms and range from creative reading nooks to shared flex spaces.  Without further ado, here are a collection of unique home office spaces that of course, feature our stone veneer or brick veneer.

Modern Home Office

Here’s a modern home office space that will definitely inspire productivity. It’s the perfect layout for those with a busy and hectic work schedule with many moving parts. The cool tones of our faux stone feature wall using Echo Ridge® Old Country Fieldstone will keep you motivated no matter how chaotic the day gets.

Flex Room

This open concept flex room is an ideal space for a home office! With the desk on one side and single sofa on the other, this room is large enough for multiple people to work in. Our brick veneer Moroccan Sand Handmade Brick adds to the aesthetic, keeping this flex room perfect for soaking up some sunlight during a long and exhausting day.

Rustic Family Workspace

Transforming living rooms to a temporary workspace for the family has become quite popular this past year.  From the sofa to the formal dining table, this is a great space for multiple family members to work in. Our Span Hewn Stone™ on the feature wall adds to the visual appeal of this room, making it much more enjoyable for work.

Comfortable Sofa

Some people prefer to work remotely on a comfortable sofa rather than a dining table or desk. A room that makes you feel comforted and at peace is what you need when planning for a day of work! Sitting on this couch with our Echo Ridge® Old Country Fieldstone in the back will keep you at ease. The relaxing furniture along with the comforting colors in this room makes for a perfect work from home space.

Sacred Workspace

Close the doors behind you and get cozy on the couch when you have a long day of work ahead of you. Use a room like this featuring our natural clay brick Shiawassee Modular Size as your sacred workspace. With numerous seating options, this is a space perfect for multiple family members to use simultaneously.  The white-washed brick will keep you feeling calm and collected throughout the workday.

Makeshift Home Office

Small spaces can make for the best makeshift home office! Our favorite part about this area is the fireplace that will have you feeling cozy and warm while working. Our thin natural veneer WestCoast® Ledgestone is a great addition to your workstation that will keep you feeling nice and snug!

Modern Family Workspace

This living room is another great flex space to host multiple family members who are working remotely. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful view when working from home, and we’re not talking about the window! Having our Vellum Pro-Fit® Modera™ Ledgestone to stare at during lengthy workdays will help keep you inspired and motivated to work!

Reading Nook

This reading nook is a great space for those who are required to spend long periods of time focused and away from distractions. Whether it’s editing papers, reviewing articles, or working away on your laptop, sitting by a brick feature wall of our Capers Island Queen Size is the best way to spend your day!

Tranquil Family Workspace

Any living space with multiple couches, glass doors and windows will make for the perfect tranquil workspace for the family. The glass doors and windows allow for natural sunlight and views of our modern Milky White Contemporary Range. Our modern yet rugged stone panels makes it simple to create an aesthetically pleasing space, making for an even better workday.

We hope this blog post helped inspire creativity and motivation while navigating through the new norm of working from home. Home office spaces don’t always have to be serious and boring; they can be unique, personable and an expression of your own personal style. There’s no right or wrong space, all you need is a space that keeps you motivated and productive. We hope you enjoyed our collection of unique home office spaces featuring stone and brick veneer.

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