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Available Colors

Click the thumbnails below to view a larger product image, as well as a project image showing a practical application (if available).

Pangaea® Natural Stone – Ledgestone, Azul with tight fit mortar joints
Azul* (Limestone)
Pangaea® Natural Stone – Ledgestone, Black Rundle with half inch mortar joints
Black Rundle* (Limestone)
Pangaea® Natural Stone – Ledgestone, Cambrian with tight fit mortar joints
Cambrian (Sandstone)
Pangaea® Natural Stone – Ledgestone, Copper Canyon with half inch mortar joints
Copper Canyon (Sandstone)
Pangaea® Natural Stone – Ledgestone, Grigio with half inch mortar joints
Grigio (Sandstone)
Pangaea® Natural Stone – Ledgestone, Tuscan with half inch mortar joints
Tuscan (Sandstone)
Pangaea® Natural Stone – Ledgestone, WestCoast® with half inch mortar joints
WestCoast® (Quartzite)

Colors are integral and require no additional treatment or finishes. Our color selections enable you to match and color coordinate any stone with all of our Architectural Profiles & Trim products. This includes products such as watertable sills, wall/pier caps, window/door trim, and more!


Ledgestone from Pangaea® Natural Stone is a classic yet modern natural stone, perfect for any interior or exterior application.  Ledgestone features a natural weathered-face, split face and hewn surface finishes. It's definitely a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects.

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Specifications for Azul* & Black Rundle*:
  • Stone Sizes:
  •      – Length: 6″ – 18″
  •      – Height: 2″ – 5″
  •      – Thickness: ¾” – 13/8
  • Weight: 8 -13 lbs/ft2
  • Jumpers: Not Available
  • Corners: Available
  • 2 Available Colors:
  •      – Azul  (Limestone)
  •      – Black Rundle (Limestone)

  • Specifications for Remaining Colors:
  • Stone Sizes:
  •      – Length: 6″ – 18″
  •      – Height: 2″ – 5″
  •      – Thickness: ¾” – 13/8
  • Weight: 8 -13 lbs/ft2
  • Jumpers: 4″ – 6″
  • Corners: Available
  • 5 Available Colors:
  •      – Cambrian (Sandstone)
  •      – Copper Canyon (Sandstone)
  •      – Grigio (Sandstone)
  •      – Tuscan (Sandstone)
  •      – WestCoast® (Quartzite)
  • Jumpers are stone veneers that have a larger height profile, and are typically blended with Ledgestone to create a visual interest.

Technical Information


  • Looking for additional technical information on Pangaea® Natural Stone? Please contact Customer Service to access to documents like 3-Part Specifications, ASTM Testing, Installation and MSDS.


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