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Stone Trends for 2022: From the Desk of…

Stone Trends for 2022 From the Desk of...

Spring is fast approaching, and we’re excited for new and upcoming trends for 2022! As we celebrate 30 years of being your source and resource for all things stone and more, we thought we would share the opinions of our longest standing employees of what stone trends they think we will be seeing this year! Our stone products can be used in a variety of ways to upgrade your home, and our team has provided expert ideas that may be the answer to your home design. Keep on reading to learn more about Stone Trends for 2022 - from the desk of our veteran team members!

From the Desk of Wendi


For 2022, I think the industrial trend that gained so much popularity in interior design over the past five years is going to move onto the wish list of the average homeowner. People will want to update their interiors by creating feature walls of brick in their living room and bedrooms, or by adding a brick backsplash in their kitchen. Because thin brick is so easy to install, it will be a popular choice amongst the designers and the DIYers. My personal preference is using an over grouted application or a clay brick with a light grout to match the washed out look of the brick. 

- Wendi Chiavacci
Controller - 29 years with CSI

From the Desk of Curt


I believe that one of the most popular exterior design trends for 2022 will be monochrome white, beige, and light greys. At first glance, it may seem that such a building will look boring and uninteresting, but this is not the case. The light façade features of the house stand out favorably against darker colors on the home and surrounding buildings - it looks clean and fresh.

- Curt Trierweiler
Technical Sales Representative - 23 years with CSI

From the Desk of Mick


People have been spending more and more time at home over the past couple of years. As a result, home renovation projects have become more of a focus and priority. With that in mind, homeowners have become more willing to try their hand at renovation projects, leading to a rapid increase in Do-It-Yourself Warriors. This, coupled with a shortage of skilled stone masons means the trend towards DIY-friendly stone products will continue in 2022. I think products from our TIER® Natural Stone and TerraCraft® Natural Stone Veneer lines that feature rectangular shaped panelized stones will remain popular due to their ease of installation. I also think mechanically fastened products like our Versetta Stone® or BRIKclad will remain in demand for this year. Not only are these DIY-friendly, but they can also be installed quite quickly and in any weather conditions.         

- Mick Siemens
Operations Manager - 21 years with CSI

From the Desk of Kelley


When I think of the next masonry stone trend for 2022, the first thing that comes to mind is rustic, yet romantic, soft, touches of femininity. Yes, I am still referring to stone! If you have ever seen a fireplace, archway or feature wall using the over-grouted mortar joint method, then you know what I am talking about. This beautiful installation technique brings a unique softness to each individual stone. Here comes the hard part, choosing which stone to use because whether it’s natural stone, faux brick, or manufactured stone, they would all look so pretty in your new space. However, if I had to choose, I would pick brick, fieldstone, ledgestone & old country fieldstone stone profiles for my all-time favorites. If you are anything like me and your vision board evokes romance and a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic, then the over-grouted mortar method is perfect for you!

- Kelley McDermott
Marketing Creative - 12 years with CSI

From the Desk of Jeff


There are many opportunities for the use of stone veneer on interior applications, it’s not just for the exterior. The fireplace is the classic interior application to provide an outstanding focal point for a room. Fireplace looks can range from log cabin rustic to modern linear.  If we think past fireplaces, stone veneer can be used throughout a home. Feature walls, kitchen back splashes, bathrooms and wine rooms are some of the potential stone veneer opportunities to add a bold look to the room. The vast choice of stone veneer colors and styles allow for almost limitless design opportunities.      

- Jeff Leech
President - 11 years with CSI

We hope you enjoyed the stone trends that our team thinks will be taking over 2022! We’re looking forward to seeing projects that incorporate these trends soon. Whether you’re a homeowner, skilled mason, contractor, designer, or builder, CSI – All Things Stone is here to be your source and resource for all things stone and more! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you need help in finding where to buy stone in your area. If you would like to use our online dealer search to find a store near you, please click here to find a store in Canada, or click here to find a store in the United States.


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