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Our 10 Best Homes to Spend a Snow Day In

As the winter days are upon us, we can’t help but start to imagine being tucked away inside our homes, looking out the windows as snow falls and transforms our yard into a winter wonderland. Snowy sceneries can be magical, and there is nothing more satisfying than spending a snow day reading a good book in front of a warm fireplace enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. With thoughts of the sun shining down on powdery snow drifts and icicles shimmering we can’t help but day dream about our 10 best homes to spend a snow day in. Experience our enchanted winter wonderlands for yourself, and be sure to pay close attention to our stone veneer, as it may steal the show! Here’s a look at our 10 best homes to spend a snow day in that feature our stone veneer:

1. Tucked Away Cozy Cabin

Rested at the top of the hillside in Whistler, BC is this cozy cabin featuring our Lakeshore River Rock by Cultured Stone®. This is the perfect log home to spend the snowy weekend in.

2. Modern Day Rustic Barn

Now this is a rustic yet modern barn styled home featuring our Echo Ridge® Old Country Fieldstone by Cultured Stone®. Located in midst of Calgary, AB, this home is straight out of a winter wonderland made for flurry watching!

3. Friendly Neighbors

Grab your toboggan because there’s about to be a snowball fight in this neighbourhood! Located in Surrey, BC these homes feature two of our most popular stones, Echo Ridge® Southern Ledgestone & Winterhaven™ Pro-Fit Alpine Ledgestone by Cultured Stone®. What we wouldn’t do to join in on the fun!

4. Country Side Farmhouse

The country side is made for relaxing during the winter, and that’s exactly what we want to do in this home. Featuring our Glacier Valley Easy Fit Savanah Ledge by ProStone®, this home located in rural Ontario has all the winter charm one could every want.

5. Weekend Getaway at the Lodge

When the weekend hits, its time to head to Great Wolf Lodge for some family fun! Featuing our cabin styled stone Lakeshore River Rock River Rock by Cultured Stone®, who wouldn’t want to get snowed in at this resort?!

6. Tapered & Contemporary

Here is another magical home covered in a blanket of snow.  Located in Calgary, AB this home features our Black Mountain® Pro-Fit® Alpine Ledgestone by Cultured Stone®. This tapered contemporary home is perfect to spend a snow day in!

7. Craftsman Bungalow

Nestled in amongst snow tipped trees is this craftsman bungalow featuring our Rockport Blend Dimensional Tumbled by ThinCut™ Natural Stone Veneer. Another Ontario based home that looks like its straight out of a holiday movie!

8. Modern Minimalist

A modern home design perfect for the heavy Alberta snowfalls. Featuring one of our most popular stones, Echo Ridge® Country Ledgestone by Cultured Stone®, this home is perfect to be tucked inside looking at the snowfall downpour.

9. Craftsman Ranch

Imagine building a snowman at this ranch style home featuring our Charcoal Mist Ledgestone by ProStone®. Located in London, Ontario, this home’s wraparound porch is a great place to enjoy some hot chocolate while admiring your new frosty friend!

10. Country Side Suburban

Located in northern BC, this cabin style home features our Aspen Dressed Fieldstone by Cultured Stone®. This home is not only the perfect get away from the hustle and bustle but also the perfect spot to drop down and make some snow angels!

We hope this blog post sparks some holiday joy as the winter days are upon us. Our 10 best homes to spend a snow day in are sure getting us excited for the winter season! You may already know, but we are one of the largest distributors of stone veneer in North America.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you need help in finding where to buy stone in your area. If you would like to use our online dealer search to find a store near you, please click here to find a store in Canada, or click here to find a store in America.


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