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DELTA® by Dörken Rainscreen Products Now Available

DELTA® by Dörken Rainscreen Products Now Available

CSI – All Things Stone is proud to announce we now carry a wide variety of high-performance air and moisture barriers from  DELTA® by Dörken! DELTA® products provide superior protection for above and below grade walls in both residential & commercial applications.

Did you know? Wall systems without proper ventilation and drainage can result in the accumulation of moisture between the water-resistive barrier and a building’s cladding/siding. That’s why Dörken’s DELTA® rainscreen products are the perfect building envelope solution to separate the exterior cladding from the building, allowing for the proper drainage and ventilation of the wall cavity.

Here are the various rainscreen products that are now available through CSI – All Things Stone:

DELTA® - Dry

Ventilated rainscreen for absorptive claddings

DELTA®-Dry is a dual-chambered ventilated rainscreen that provides advanced moisture protection against wet, weather, and mold. It not only stops wet and damp from moving through the wall from the outside, but also works to get rid of any moisture in the wall that originated from inside the house.

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DELTA® - Dry & Lath

Ventilated rainscreen with pre-installed fiberglass lath for stone veneer and conventional stucco claddings

The DELTA®-Dry & Lath is a 2-in-1 product that combines the proven technology of the DELTA®-Dry rainscreen with an innovative fiberglass lath for a complete, one-step moisture control and lath system in one. By combining these two critical components in one, an entire step is eliminated from the construction process. DELTA®-Dry & Lath completely eliminates the need for a metal lath, providing easier and safer handling for the installer. The alkali-resistant glass is not affected by chemicals and will not corrode.

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DELTA® - Dry Stucco & Stone

Ventilated rainscreen with pre-installed mortar screen for stone veneer and conventional stucco claddings

DELTA®-Dry Stucco and Stone is a ventilated rainscreen with a factory pre-installed mortar screen that reduces scratch coat mortar consumption. Air-gaps on the interior and exterior side of the membrane make DELTA®-Dry Stucco and Stone the ideal protection behind adhered manufactured stone veneer and conventional stucco.

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DELTA® - Vent S/Plus

Water-resistive barrier & air barrier

DELTA®-Vent S is a heavy-duty, highly permeable, water-resistive barrier and air barrier. The 3-layer, spun-bonded polypropylene is suitable for all wall applications. DELTA®-Vent S is also available in the PLUS version with a self-adhesive edge.

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DELTA® - Vent SA

Self-adhered water-resistive barrier & air barrier

DELTA®-Vent SA vapor permeable air and water resistive barrier prevents moisture from getting into buildings. By also allowing moisture already in to escape, DELTA®-Vent SA eliminates the risk of mold and other problems caused by water pooling where it should not. Its vapor permeability and air tightness makes DELTA®-Vent SA ideal for building and maintaining healthy and comfortable interiors while letting moisture out and improving energy efficiency.

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CSI- All Things Stone strives to provide professional support to our builders, architects, engineers and contractors. We want to ensure that your wall systems are built with proper ventilation and drainage in order to avoid any future moisture accumulation, mold, etc. We are the preferred distributor of DELTA® by Dörken products in Canada. To view the full line of DELTA® by Dörken products, brochures, installation information, technical information, and more, please visit our DELTA® by Dörken page. With over 400 dealers across the nation, our DELTA® by Dörken products can easily be found in a dealer near you. Interested in finding a dealer in your area? Please visit Where to Buy to get started!


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