DELTA® by Dörken

Dörken DELTA®

Dörken’s line of DELTA® products are high-performance air and moisture barriers that provide superior protection for above and below grade walls in both residential and commercial applications. Providing professional support for builders, architects, engineers and contractors, Dörken is a market leader in high-performance air and moisture barriers.

Wall systems without proper ventilation and drainage can result in the accumulation of moisture between the water-resistive barrier and a building’s cladding/siding. Dörken’s DELTA® rainscreen products are the perfect building envelope solution to separate the exterior cladding from the building, allowing for proper drainage and ventilation of the wall cavity.

Why use DELTA® by Dörken:
- Protects property: Control moisture and protect builder investments by preventing the damaging effects of moisture that reduce a buildings overall service life and result in costly repairs.
- Saves energy: Prevent inward air and moisture leakage and stop mold from entering building spaces while maximizing energy savings. DELTA® products also have high permeability ratings, enabling faster evaporation of incidental water vapor.
- Creates comfort: As an integral part of the building envelope, DELTA® products contribute to maximum occupant comfort by keeping spaces dry and free from mold. DELTA® products also facilitate pinpoint accuracy of internal temperature and humidity levels.

Dörken is committed to maintaining a sustainable environment and does not manufacture products or by-products that have a negative impact on our world, all this while producing high-quality, sustainable products.

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