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Rustic Contemporary Bungalow

Rustic Contemporary Bungalow
Pangaea® Natural Stone Ledgestone Cambrian

Meet the Rustic Contemporary Bungalow, a beautiful home located in the Okanagan that uses our striking Cambrian Ledgestone from Pangaea® Natural Stone! The use of our natural stone throughout this home is spectacular, not only is our stone wrapped around all of the interior and exterior columns, but also taking the spotlight in the living room with a shockingly beautiful fireplace! Keep on reading to learn all about the Rustic Contemporary Bungalow.

The sleek look of our natural stone veneer has turned this home from ordinary to extraordinary, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this project. Granata Masonry has once again shown us the beauty of his craft, and we’re overjoyed to have a talented designer like Melissa Holte from Mosaic Designs work with our stone veneer. Shout out to Jarrod Daye for capturing the charm and elegance of our Cambrian Ledgestone!

Cambrian Ledgestone

Cambrian Ledgestone from Pangaea® Natural Stone is a classic yet modern natural stone, perfect for any interior or exterior application. Ledgestone features a natural weathered-face, split face and hewn surface finishes. It's a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects.
Pangaea® Natural Stone – Ledgestone, Cambrian with tight fit mortar joints
"This project is definitely one of my favorites to date. The team at Hindbo Construction always has something up their sleeves. The way the two grand pillars sit between the living room and kitchen with the fireplace perfectly cantered between them is something to be seen..."
"...Cambrian Ledgestone worked so well on all the pillars inside and out of this home because of the quality of the corners. I set string lines on corners for the sharp crisp look, that frankly wouldn’t work with some other natural stones on the market..."
"...Pangaea® Natural Stone is a product I stand by and am always happy to use. They have it all - quality, price, and the company itself is doing amazing things like keeping their carbon footprint down. I am proud of my work and proud to use their products!"

- Mason, Granata Masonry
"This Riverfront Home was thoughtfully designed and skillfully built with select materials that would provide longevity and minimal maintenance while ultimately achieving a contemporary design style including simple yet intentional lines and feature spaces..."
"...The natural setting of this build bodes a serene and intriguing energy with its riverfront location. The use of materials that have a connection to this environment was of importance..."
"...Pangaea®'s Cambrian Ledgestone was the perfect selection with the cool and neutral body, consistent texture and dimension paired with the rich rust-colored stones randomly placed throughout to provide unity and intent to the other timber and metal features..."
"...We carried the same stone into the interior of the home defining feature walls and creating an impressive wood burning fireplace façade in the center of the home."


- Designer, Mosaic Designs

We are delighted to see our natural stone veneer come together to create this magnificent home. Rustic Contemporary Bungalow is here to inspire you for your next project! We’re here to be your source and resource for all things stone and more, and we hope to be involved in your future projects.

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