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Fit for a Scholar: Tiger Jeet Singh Public School

Fit for a Scholar
Cultured Stone® Caramel Country Ledgestone

Meet Fit for a Scholar, a stunning public school located in Milton, Ontario, featuring our beautiful manufactured stone veneer, Caramel Country Ledgestone from Cultured Stone®! We typically see our products installed on residential spaces, commercial buildings, such as restaurants, hotels and offices, however, it’s not often we see a public school using our stone veneer. We are so thrilled to have our faux stone featured at the Tiger Jeet Singh Public School, on both the interior and exterior.

The texture and dimension of our stone veneer has elevated the beauty of this institute, and we are so honored to be a part of the journey of many students for years to come! GHM Contracting has done a phenomenal job applying our Cultured Stone® on the interior and exterior of the school creating a cohesive yet sophisticated look!

Caramel Country Ledgestone

Caramel Country Ledgestone is a versatile stone veneer that perfectly suits all ranges of applications. Featuring stark cut lines and rugged edges, it adds character to rustic and contemporary designs. The neutral brown tones in the color Caramel gives it a countryside charm!
"I really enjoyed working with this ledgestone. It was easy to install, all our cuts were done with a chop saw. It went up fast and looks amazing. I would recommend Cultured Stone® to anyone looking for a unique look for interior or exterior project."


- Mason, GHM Contracting
Cultured Stone® - Country Ledgestone, Caramel
"We are honored to be a part of a project that was driven by Cultured Stone®. Our mason, GHM Contracting, did a phenomenal job. Typically, a large project like this may have its set of challenges, and we are thrilled that the stone installation of this project went off without a hiccup...."
"...With close contact with our Technical Sales Representative, Peter Byl, he assisted us with the ordering process and followed up with inventory requests. Peter ensured that all product deliveries were on time, he also communicated this information to GHM Contracting in order to keep the project timeline in check..."
"...Peter went above and beyond to secure extra material when the job was in need of more. Overall, this was a win-win situation for a very large project. We always look forward to working with CSI – All Things Stone!"


- Dealer, Patene Building Supplies

We're so thrilled to be a part of a project that will follow the journey of many bright minds! We’re here to be your source and resource for all things stone and more, so we hope to be involved in your future projects!

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