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Fireplace Accessories


Earthcore® Isokern is committed to quality, and with their indoor and outdoor fireplace options, the design possibilities are endless. Earthcore® Isokern fireplaces & chimney systems have turned up the heat on the hearth industry by making products that are easy to install, lightweight, safe, affordable and built to last. The following fireplace accessories from Earthcore® Isokern are available for the Standard Series, Magnum Series and BVETTO Series: mortar, fire-lite stand with ISOWOOL, outside air kit, and dampers. 

Available Products
Earthcore® Isokern Adhesive Mortar
Earthcore® Adhesive Mortar

The Earthcore® Adhesive, is a thin-set masonry adhesive, which can be used in either interior or exterior installation. An approved adhesive for Isokern fireplace and chimney systems, the mortar is available in 50 pound pails. Properly mortared fireboxes and smoke dome assemblies require approximately five gallons (dry measure) of Earthcore® Adhesive.

Earthcore® Isokern Fire-Lite Stand with ISOWOOL
Fire-Lite Stand with ISOWOOL

Isokern's Fire-Lite Stand with ISOWOOL is available for both standard and magnum fireplaces. The metal stand in the Fire-Lite Application can be placed directly on a combustible floor or be recessed into any combustible floor system. By knowing the dimensions of your finished floor material, the fireplace can be set to offer a desired, seamless flush hearth. The width is 4", and is available in 36", 42" & 46" for standard fireplaces, and 36", 42" & 48" for magnum fireplaces. 

Earthcore® Isokern Outside Air Kit
Outside Air Kit

Also known as a Fresh Air Intake device, Isokern's Outside Air Kits is available with 4”, 5” or 6” diameters. The Outside Air Kit helps prevent back draft smoking caused by negative pressure in the home, while drawing fresh air from the outside to fuel your wood burning fireplace. Outside Air Kits assist your fireplace in burning more evenly. Meeting most building code requirements, they also dramatically reduce pollution and smoke byproducts from your fire.

Earthcore® Isokern Cast Iron Damper Bottom Mount Damper
Cast Iron Damper & Bottom Mount Damper

The Cast Iron damper is designed to sit in the throat of the Isokern fireplace and can be opened and closed with the poker control. Sizes Available: 33”, 42”, 60” & 72”. 

The Bottom Mount Damper is a proprietary design to be used when a conventional poker or top-mount damper is not feasible. Great with see-through applications, this type of damper can be paired with either the DM54 or Steel Chimney Systems.

To view additional accessories available from Earthcore® Isokern, please click to view the Product Catalog that includes a full list of accessories available for order.

CSI is the exclusive distributor of Earthcore® Isokern in Canada. To find an authorized Earthcore® Isokern dealer in your area, please click Where To Buy.


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