Galvanized Metal Lath

Metal Lath

Galvanized Metal Lath is the perfect solution when installing manufactured and natural stone veneers. Our Galvanized Metal Lath products are made from prime quality steel sheets that are slit and expanded to form diamond shaped openings (over 11,000 per square yard).

This large number of openings provide more plaster keys than any other type of lathing material, and allows for better bonding in either pumped or troweled applications. Each sheet of Galvanized Metal Lath has square ends and smooth parallel edges, allowing for fast and easy handling and installation. For further convenience, our metal lath products can be easily cut or readily bent for applications over curved surfaces.

All our Metal Lath products are tested for USA building codes, are evaluated by ICC-ES, and meet the rigid standards of ASTM C847.

CSI - All Things Stone is the exclusive distributor of Metal Lath in Canada. To find a dealer in your area, please click Where To Buy.