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Tips & Tricks for Boral Versetta Stone® Installation

There are several common tips and tricks that can make the installation of Boral Versetta Stone® even easier.

1) To adjust or level a panel quickly and easily, use a painters’ 5-in-1 tool.

2) In applications that require gluing, use shims or supplemental fasteners to hold panels in place while the adhesive cures.

3) For the best fit between panels, remove any debris or excess concrete from grooves with a brush. In some cases, you will need to remove a small portion of the panel’s tongue for a better fit. To remove, use a grinder or tap the edge of the tongue gently with a hammer, swinging away from your body.

4) When installing trim stone around a window, cut the bottom of the stone at a ten degree angle so that it fits flush against the sill.

5) In some cases, you will need to use supplemental fasteners, like masonry screws for additional support. Pre-drill the panel with a masonry drill bit, then use caulk and a little stone dust to conceal the fasteners. Collect the dust from your saw table, or make stone dust, cutting a Boral Versetta Stone® scrap with a grinder. Be sure to wear the proper safety equipment and follow the tool manufacturer’s instructions during this step. In some cases, you may wish to fill an odd gap between courses of stone. Use caulk, followed by stone dust, to conceal any gaps.

6) Boral Versetta Stone® can add a great looking finish around a column. If the rough dimensions of the column are 16” x 16”, the installation for this application will exclusively use Universal Corners. Be sure to stagger each course of the column for the best look.

7) Boral Versetta Stone® is a great option for adding a stone look to your fireplace. Start with a Universal Corner on one side of the fireplace. Then work your way across the face, making sure to stagger all your courses, to get the best possible look. For a creative and unique look, cut an 8” trim stone down to two 4” pieces. This works for applications like smaller fireplaces, located in more narrow spaces, so that you can leave more room for Boral Versetta Stone® panels on each side.

8) To install Boral Versetta Stone® around windows, make sure the windows have been properly flashed, to the window manufacturer’s requirements, before you start. For better looking joints on a bay or bow window, you can mitre the ends of the panels, at half the angle of the bay or bow window seams. For the best appearance, use pieces from the same panel on either side of the mitre joint.



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