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Stone Veneers May Be The Perfect Way to Give Your Home a Facelift


Natural stone is a building material that is millions of years in the making. Subjected to incredible pressures and temperatures, minerals were transformed into the world’s most enduring construction material.

Over the past decade, stone veneer products have gained popularity with homeowners desiring to improve the curb appeal, enjoyment, and resale value of their homes, and with good reason.

Natural stone improves the quality of the home and its perceived value

Natural stone veneer products have many applications. No matter where they are used, these products have the ability to blend in and enhance the outer and/or inner beauty of the home. Because of the lifetime characteristics of stone, the quality of the building will be permanently improved. And the increased resale value of the house can be expected to more than offset the cost of the upgrade, making natural stone a prudent investment.

Veneer products are very affordable

The cost of beautiful natural stone masonry can be very high. Fortunately, a far more affordable and practical alternative exists in natural stone veneer products. These products are versatile; they can be used both indoors and outdoors on almost any type of wall. Not only can they be installed by the homeowner, but they can also be repaired with leftover materials in the event of storm or impact damage.

Installation is easy

You don’t need to hire the services of a professional mason when using natural stone veneer products. These products can be installed by homeowners, and they can be adhered in almost all weather conditions. There are only a few easy-to-follow installation steps, making the process simple. Nearly any do-it-yourselfer can complete the installation with very pleasing results, using tools they probably already have.

Natural stone is virtually maintenance free

Natural stone veneer products require practically no maintenance. Once you have done the job of fastening the stones, you can sit back and admire the work of your hands. These stones are both water proof and naturally mould resistant. An occasional pressure washing is about all that is required to restore their original lustre.

Natural stone is environmentally friendly

Once you have decided to use natural stone veneer products you can take pride in knowing you have made the smart choice, using environmentally friendly products. The manufacturing process in creating artificial building products can have a serious environmental impact. Naturally quarried stone, by comparison, is environmentally friendly.

Stone veneers are versatile

Stone has a unique and unparalleled colour palette, with many texture variations. It’s impossible to replicate nature’s own creativity. Stone veneer products can be used both indoors and outdoors and there is no limit to the applications. Any part of your home, whether indoors or outdoors, that needs an upgrade can be given a facelift with these incredibly flexible products.

With a thickness of about 1”, stone veneers can be used in applications where conventional masonry won’t work. Thin veneers weigh in at about 13 pounds per square foot, allowing them to be installed on walls that may not support traditional masonry.

A lifetime material

Natural stone veneer products have a lifetime expectancy. When compared with materials like wood and drywall, or concrete, natural stone is the most durable material in the structure.

The takeaway

Stone veneers compare more favourably with wall treatments like siding or stucco, while providing the warmth, luxury and versatility only offered by natural stone. Whether you’re interested in elevating the beauty of your home, and pride of ownership, or desire to make an investment that will significantly increase the resale value of your property, natural stone veneers are worth serious consideration.


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