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Manufactured Stone Installation Technical Notes – Part 1, Segment 1

Industry Background, MVMA and NCMA, ASTM, Code Evolution

In the video, Chris Hines, Technical Manager of Boral Stone Products, discusses some technical aspects that apply to Cultured Stone and Prostone manufactured stone products. He starts with an introduction, and what will be covered in the video. He will begin with the industry trade association and some changes that have occurred there. Next he will move to the ASTM Standards development and how that will impact installers of these products. He will talk about code evolution and some upcoming changes, and then continuous insulation innovative systems. The video will finish up with some installation hot topics.

The industry trade association, MVMA (Masonry Veneers Manufacturers Association), is actually a committee now, under the NCMA. The MVMA was originally formed in 2006, under the Kellen Group. In 2013 MVMA moved from Kellen to NCMA. He discusses some of the resources available on the NCMA Website. The NCMA works on standards development, and on code changes; and they also do some testing. The NCMA has their own research laboratory. He discusses several things currently in the works. Even though the industry is nearly 60 years old, it is still growing up, and there are changes in play that will be impacting you soon.

ASTM International is a non-profit organization that develops standards: product standards, testing standards and installation standards. To set standards, all of the stakeholders gather together to develop the wording, so there can be only be one interpretation, and that process is handled by the consensus.

Chris takes a look at the changes that have occurred over the past 15 years. He then covers several documents. ASTM C1670 governs how a product is manufactured, and he paints some broad strokes to cover what’s included in the document. AC-51 is the current governing document, and he compares it with the document that is coming. ASTM is a consensus document, there is a more aggressive compressive strength requirement., there will be more stringent freeze thaw requirements, there’s a linear drying shrinkage requirement and a finish and appearance requirement. He then moves to ASTM C1780. This is the installation standard. It’s the first consensus standard around installation. It’s based on, and is in full agreement with, the MVMA Installation Guide. It was developed to improve installation and performance. He talks about the key points covered in the C1780 document.

Additional Resources

NCMA Website
TEK 20-01, Key Installation Checkpoints for MSV
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