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Boral Versetta Stone® Installation Basics

Boral Versetta Stone® panels should be installed only on homes and buildings that meet code requirements, including code-approved flashing and water management provisions. If there’s any question about the integrity of the structure of your project, contact the owner, builder or registered design professional before starting the installation.

Install a minimum of one layer of code-approved, water resistent barrier, making sure flashings are integrated in shingle fashion. The water resistent barrier must be overlapped a minimum of 16 inches at all inside and outside corners.

Installing Boral Versetta Stone® is very simple. Panels are lapped in a shingle fashion, so that the bottom tongue seats completely into the corresponding top groove. The panels are butt end to end, so that alignment tabs, on the side of each panel, seat together. If panels are cut in the field of the wall, side alignment tabs will be removed.

The panels should be staggered a minimum of 8 inches from one course, to the courses directly above, or below, to avoid alignment of vertical joints. Panels must be installed level and plumb. For the best appearance, pull material from multiple boxes, as you progress up the wall. Each full panel, or parial panel, 18” or longer, requires a minimum of 4 fasteners. Two of these fasteners must penetrate framing.

See the printed installation instructions for additional information on fastening, or visit


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