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Boral Stone Versetta Stone™ Universal Corner

Introducing another innovative product from Boral Stone. Versetta Stone® Universal Corner is designed to be for outside and inside corners, and end wall terminations. Universal Corner can be installed in no time, with no mess.

Required Tools & Personal Protective Equipment

Let’s go over the tools, materials and equipment you’ll need.

Use the following safety equipment:

an N95 series dust mask,
hearing protection,
a hard hat,
and steel toed boots.

The following tools are required to successfully install Universal Corner:

a hammer or mallet,
a nail gun or drill,
a circular saw,
a laser or regular level,
a screwdriver,
chalk line,
a brush,
a tape measure,
tin snips,
and PL premium construction adhesive.

A 5/16” rod or dowel is optional. While either a nail gun or drill is recommended, we will be using a drill in this demonstration.

Each surface you plan to cover with Versetta Stone® panels, requires at least one layer of water resistant barrier material, that meets ICC acceptance criteria 38.

Estimating Materials

Take some time to estimate the materials you’ll need to complete your project. Use this equation to correctly order your Versetta Stone® Universal Corner:

An entire Universal Corner piece provides 2 square feet of wall area coverage.

Until you become more familiar with Versetta Stone® products, factor in about 10% of scrap to get the coverage you need.

For more detailed measurement information, download the installation guide.

Introduction to Installation

Take a look at the features of Universal Corner, as some are different from Flat Versetta Stone® Panels. The backs of Universal Corner pieces contain channels that allow Flat Panels to be butted in, without knocking off the side tongue. This design allows Universal Corner to work perfectly with Versetta Stone® Flat Panels.

Unlike Flat Panels, a whole Universal Corner piece should not be used in the centre of a course. Universal Corner pieces must be cut to create left and right corners. The cut location should vary in order to achieve a staggered appearance. We recommend each cut panel be at least 8 inches in length.

Begin the bottom course with a starter strip. Remember to check for level. Be sure the water resistant barrier is installed over the starter strip.

Installing an Outside Corner

First we’ll install an outside corner. Start at the bottom of the wall, and position one half of the Universal Corner, nail flange up, cut edge away from corner, into the starter strip. Set a standard Flat Panel into the starter strip on the adjacent wall. Extend the Universal Corner past the wall edge, and slide the standard Flat to intersect with the Universal Corner, adjusting both pieces as needed.

Installing an Inside Corner

Now we’ll install an inside corner. The panel will need to be cut into two pieces, making sure the cut pieces are not equal in length. First, insert the Universal Corner piece into the corner of the wall. After securing the corner, slide a standard Versetta Stone® Flat Panel into the face of the Universal Corner. The ends of the Universal Corner have an even face, allowing for a nice tight fit with the adjacent panels. If you are using the factory end of the Flat Panel, remove the side tongue before installing.

Make sure to continue alternating the Universal Corner up the wall until you’re installation is complete.

Installing End Terminations

The third use of Universal Corner is as a termination, at the end of a wall or object. Cut the Universal Corner to create left and right corners for the end terminations. As always, we recommend that the end pieces are cut at different lengths.

You have the option to extend Universal Corner beyond the wall termination, up to 3 inches, to achieve the optimal transition to the adjoining wall covering. For the best look, align all courses with a similar overhang.

Capping Your Installation

If you’re capping your installation, simply set the Versetta Stone’s panel wainscot cap on top of your last course. The tongue must be level and attached with 4 fasteners, with at least 2 penetrating the framing. Also ensure that the end fasteners are within 3 inches from the end of the cap. Continue down the wall, butting each cap against the preivious.

Final Notes

Refer to the written installation instructions when using Universal Corner, in applications that don’t require a nailing flange.

Versetta Stone® panels are intended solely for homes and buildings that meet code requirements, including code-approved flashing and water management provisions. If there’s any question about the integrity of the structure of your project, contact the owner, builder or registered design professional before starting your project. Versetta Stone® Universal Corner goes up fast, doesn’t make a mess, and is an attractive wall finish your customers will love.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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