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Boral Cultured Stone® – Installing Architectural Details

If you’ve watched the previous video tutorials, you know how to install Cultured Stone® veneer; so let’s look at how to enhance the finished look with Architectural Stone Details. Cultured Stone® brand offers a variety of architectural Trim Stones, and other decorative elements, designed to compliment all of the Boral™ products.

Cultured Stone® Electrical Box Stones are just one example. To install, simply attach a UL listed extension box to the pre-wired and mounted electrical box. Then apply mortar to the back of the stone or prepared substrate. And center the Electrical Box Stone over the extension box, pressing into the substrate, to ensure a good bond. Finally, check to see that the stone is level and plumb. Use removable shims if required. Then, continue placing Cultured Stone® veneer, or other exterior material, around the Electrical Box Stone.

Watertable or Sill pieces, combined with flashing, are an attractive way to finish off the top of a wainscot installation, and provide runoff protection to the Cultured Stone® product below.

There are two installation methods to consider. If blocking has been installed to allow for unlimited spacing of brackets, you can use either method. If blocking is not in place, you’ll have better results using method one.

Method One: Stone Installed Prior to Watertable

Using removable screws or nails, install a temporary wood spacer strip, to maintain a level space where the watertable sill will be placed. Install stone up to the spacer strip, and complete the grouting step. Then, remove the spacer strip, and attach the brackets 16” on center, using galvanized screws that penetrate the studs a minimum of 1” (2.5 cm). We recommend using Simpson Strong-Tie® A-21 brackets, or equivalent. If preferred, brackets may be installed prior to the scratch coat application.

Run a bead of mortar on the top edge of the wainscot. Apply construction adhesive to the bottom of the brackets. Apply a setting bed of mortar to the back. Then, firmly press the watertable sill into place. Align and level all pieces.

When the mortar is thumbprint hard, remove any extruded mortar from the top of the watertable or sill piece.

Method Two: Watertable Installed Prior to Stone

The brackets are installed into blocking, at locations that allow for two brackets per stone. Brackets should fall near the end of each watertable. Apply construction adhesive to the bottom of the brackets. Apply a setting bed of mortar to the back of the watertable sill. Firmly press the watertable into place. Finally, align and level all pieces. Grouting can be completed next, or along with stone installation below the sill.


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