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Boral Cultured Stone® Installation: Tools Required


Most of the tools you’ll need to install Cultured Stone® are things you may already have on hand. For instance: a hammer, level, staple gun or hand stapler, and a whisk broom to clean your finished work. To mix the mortar, you’ll need a wheelbarrow and mixing hoe, or a mortar mixer.

You’ll also need some tools designed specfically for stone work. For applying mortar, you’ll want to add a hock and trowel, a mason’s trowel and a margin trowel. For cutting Cultured Stone® pieces, use a Carborundum or diamond blade, in a masonry or circular saw, a table saw, tile saw or small hand grinder. Wide mouth nippers and a hatchet will help you fine tune your trimming.

When cutting Cultured Stone® products, always wear safety glasses and a 2-strap disposable dust mask. For textures installed with a mortar joint, a grout bag makes it easy to fill in any little areas in the joints between stones; and a metal jointing tool, or wooden stick, will allow you to compact and finish the mortar joints.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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