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5 Stone Veneer Trends Coming to a Home Near You

As design trends change, stone veneer continues to evolve to meet the needs of not only today, but also with an eye to tomorrow. Nowadays, people are moving away from the standard stone clad design, and instead are looking for ways to create unique one of a kind looks. With that in mind, stone veneer is becoming even easier to work with!

Thinking of changing trends, here’s a look at 5 stone veneer trends coming to a home near you.

1. Blending Stones

Blending different styles of stones is one way to stand out from the conventional design. Achieve a distinctive custom look while adding a touch of personal flair to your project by blending different styles of stone together. Here you can see Chardonnay Country Ledgestone blended with Chardonnay Dressed Fieldstone. What a unique way to add curb appeal, all while distinguishing yourself from your neighbours!

2. Mixed Materials

Another trend that is becoming more and more popular is combining stone veneer with various building materials such as glass, metal and stucco. The mixed materials design trend is appealing for many reasons, one of them being versatility, and how easily stone veneer can be complimented with various building products.

For instance, take our Fossil Reef Coral Stone combined predominantly with glass. The mix of stone and glass creates a stunning mid-century modern home design.

Another example is our West Coast Microledge mixed with steel to create an industrial yet very clean and contemporary fireplace. This particular stone is truly one of a kind, however when combined with a metal, it is the center of attention in this grand living room.

Another popular building material often used in combination with stone veneer is stucco. Who would have thought that a traditional stone like Aspen Dressed Fieldstone could look so elegant on this modern home as it sits alongside different neutral shades of stucco?

3. Natural Elements

Take the trend of mixed materials to the next level by solely combining stone with other natural elements. Mother Nature provides us with many natural building materials, with wood being one of the most common natural products used in residential exterior and interior designs. Whether you leave the wood as is and enjoy its’ natural color or prefer to give it a coat of paint, wood complements natural stone veneer beautifully.

Our West Coast Ledgestone, quite the popular choice, is often paired with wood beams, doors, and paneling. Here’s a look at some of our favourite residential exteriors that combine these natural elements.

Another creative way to incorporate natural elements in your design is through a vertical garden. These walls are not only attention grabbers, they also bring the outdoors in and add a nice pop of color! Here you can see 3 natural elements incorporated to create a clean modern aesthetic: our modern yet distinctive thin natural stone veneer, West Coast Microledge, used along with wood accents and beautiful natural green flora. Talk about earthy textures and visual interest!

4. Varied Sizes

Another stone veneer trend coming to a home near you is incorporating varied sizes of stone in your design. We are seeing more and more stones available in multiple sizes, as well as various depths. Whether its individual stones or panels, stones with varied sizes present a unique and attractive pattern.

For instance, our Almond Trail Dimensional has varying depths and heights, and when combined creates a distinct shadowing effect. With near limitless aesthetic possibilities, every design will have one of a kind flare and bring a modern contemporary feel to any setting.

Span Hewn Stone is another popular choice that is available in 5 different sizes. This profile allows for the ultimate customization as you can literally create your very own pattern!

5. Monochrome Black & White

Last but not last, keep an eye out for monochrome black and white color pallets. A timeless classic design is reimagined, and is back with some bold drama! This design style was quite popular for interior designs focussing on living rooms and kitchens, but now we are seeing this for residential exteriors as well!

Take our Arctic Pro-Fit® Terrain, this white dimensional modular stone paired with a matt black trim and accents makes for a striking home. Featuring both a smooth and textured face, this stone adds even more drama when paired with a matt black.

Vellum Pro-Fit® Modera is another stone that can be used in a monochromatic black and white design. This high contrast entryway brings personality, and makes us wonder what’s inside!

We hope this helps keep up with the 5 stone veneer trends coming to a home near you! You may already know, but we are one of the largest distributors of stone veneer in North America. Not only are we bringing you the best of the best in stone veneer and wall component products, but also keeping you up to date with the latest design trends.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you need help in finding where to buy stone in your area. If you would like to use our online dealer search to find a store near you, please click here to find a store in America, or click here to find a store in Canada.