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TerraCraft® Natural Stone – Born from Earth, Crafted by Nature

Terracraft® Natural Stone Born from Earth Crafted by Nature

Introducing TerraCraft® Natural Stone Veneer, a contemporary line of loose and panelized natural stone veneer. Born from Earth, crafted by nature, TerraCraft® Natural Stone is the next evolution of decorative modern stone veneer. Combining contemporary and traditional styles, TerraCraft® Natural Stone offers a variety of colors spanning the color spectrum - from airy and light whites to moody darks.

TerraCraft® Natural Stone is available in 4 styles:

Dimensional Series

Linear Collection

A unique loose natural stone format with varying depths and accents that combine to create a distinct shadowing effect. With near limitless aesthetic possibilities, every project will have one of a kind look!  TerraCraft® Dimensional Series is available in 5 colors.

TerraCraft® Natural Stone_Dimensional Linear Collection

Panel Series

Designer Collection

A new twist on the traditional natural stone panel color palette. This collection provides trendsetting tones, allowing you to elevate your design possibilities and take any project to unknown heights. TerraCraft® Designer Collection is available in 3 colors.

Signature Collection

An exclusive collection that melds the traditional rugged look of stone with unique colorways, creating a high impact, large format natural stone panel that is perfectly suited in both rugged or classic design applications. TerraCraft® Signature Collection is available in 3 colors.

Signature Collection from TerraCraft® Natural Stone
Classic Collection

The Classic Collection stands the test of time. With a wide range of application uses, let these colors serve as the foundation for your next design project. TerraCraft® Classic Collection is available in 3 colors.

Classic Collection from TerraCraft® Natural Stone

TerraCraft® Natural Stone is perfectly suited for nearly any application, whether it be commercial or residential, such as:

- Creating a striking stone feature wall
- Including stone to add unique character to the outside of the home
- Creating a modern stone fireplace
- Updating your bathroom to include natural stone on the walls or in the shower itself
- Creating a feature wall with natural stone in the dining room or living room
- Incorporating a natural stone backsplash in the kitchen
- Commercial application such as retail, hospitality, restaurant, or office space

TerraCraft® Natural Stone Veneer
TerraCraft® Natural Stone Veneer
TerraCraft® Natural Stone Veneer
TerraCraft® Natural Stone Veneer

As the exclusive distributors of TerraCraft® Natural Stone, we are thrilled to offer this modern line of stone veneer in America and Canada! As your most trusted source and resource of all things stone… and more, we are here to help bring your visions to life! Whether you’re a homeowner, skilled mason, contractor, designer, or builder, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you need help in finding a dealer near you!