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Date Night with our Stone Cladding

Date Night with our Stone Cladding

It’s the month of love and we’re feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside! We’re helping you prepare for Valentine’s Day by providing you with stunning destinations where you can celebrate with your loved one. To no surprise, our stone veneer will make an appearance at these locations. The more stone you see, the dreamier the location will be! Whether these locations are in your home or out and about, you will want to add these spots to your date night. Keep on reading to learn more about the everyday spots that you can transform into a romantic date night extravaganza!


Who doesn’t love a tasty meal under the star lit sky? What makes this spot even better is our beautiful High Desert Used Brick adding a loft-like feel to this restaurant. A rooftop date is always one for the books, especially if our brick veneer is making an appearance in the background. Be sure to spend some time taking aesthetic pictures for your date’s next Instagram post.


We know it’s still a little chilly, especially up North, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors. Grab your date, your blankets, and a couple glasses of wine, and chat away as your dinner cooks on the grill. Enjoy the view of our sleek and modern Carbon Cast-Fit® on your outdoor kitchen! This space is made to feel cozy and homey, the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day.


Surprise your date with a stay at a luxurious resort, it’s not too late to make a reservation! Surround yourself with beauty that is our stunning Palermo Del Mare Ledgestone® at Tsawwassen Springs! Spend the day golfing, sight seeing, enjoying a dip in the springs, and relishing in scrumptious meals. Your day will be filled with fun adventures with your loved one by your side, and our stone will be there to witness the beautiful moment.


Get that Scandinavian spa experience at a mesmerizing location like this! Our Bucks County Southern Ledgestone creates that Nordic atmosphere making your spa day a one-of-a-kind experience. Spend some quality time with your loved one by enjoying a serene day soaking in the calming aroma of a lavish spa! Savour a cup herbal tea, sit back, and relax.


Set the mood with our faux stone! Echo Ridge® Southern Ledgestone is the perfect stone veneer to join you and your loved one on a wine date. The ambiance in this wine cellar is perfect for a romantic evening while enjoying a glass or two of wine. Create that old rustic feel with wooden elements, the right lighting, and our manufactured stone veneer!


We’re all for a mini vacation during a hectic week! We highly recommend booking a stay at a beautiful hotel, preferably one with our stone veneer. Trust us, the entire vibe of a hotel changes when our stone veneer is incorporated in the design. It goes from drab to fab, and it makes the atmosphere of your stay that much more worth it! Make a trip to Yakima, Washington to visit this stunning Home 2 Suites by Hilton with our even more stunning WestCoast® Castlestone.


If sight seeing is your favourite pass time with your partner, then a space like this is the perfect destination for you! Visit a cabin in the woods that completely embraces the natural environment. This cabin brings the outdoors in with our New England Quarry Ledgestone® natural stone veneer. So, after spending a long adventurous day exploring the great outdoors, continue to surround yourself with nature by taking in the views cuddled up by our natural stone feature wall!

We should celebrate our loved ones everyday, but it’s nice to put in a little extra effort during the month of love! We hope we have inspired you to look into fun and relaxing activities to do for Valentine’s Day, especially if the space is dressed in our stone veneer, because we all know that’s what helps set the mood!

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