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Elevating Your Designs with Manufactured Stone


Whether it’s an accent wall framing a softly-glowing fireplace or a retaining wall in a garden, stone catches the eye and increases the perceived value. There’s a rugged beauty to stone that has captivated architects, designers, builders and homeowners around the world. And manufactured stone is creating even more interest.

It’s on trend, offers a look that is almost indistinguishable from natural stone, and allows designers, architects and builders to elevate their designs and give their customers a far more elegant design than the budget may otherwise accommodate.

Stone Warms a Home Up

Manufactured stone gives designers and architects the ability to add a raw element to their designs, creating a space where it feels more natural to disconnect from the hustle and bustle that is work, school and everyday life. This is appealing to people yearning now more than ever for the ability to decompress and relax; to escape the stress and overwhelming responsibility that each day heaps upon them.

Stone Adds Texture and Contrast

The texture manufactured stone offers is one of its most appealing aspects. Savvy designers and architects are already aware of the huge visual impact textures can make; it’s simply more attractive and interesting to the eye.  Manufactured stone gives designers the ability to add texture in a variety of ways, playing up a home’s features and even making something breathtakingly beautiful out of what might otherwise be considered purely structural or functional. Plain wood columns in front of a home can become grand edifices with manufactured stone. A simple back yard patio can become the attractive foundation for a private oasis when created from gorgeous manufactured stone.

A Wide Range of Options

Those who use manufactured stone often in their designs already appreciate the wide range of options available, making it easy to choose a style that best suits the project at hand. Whether it is round river rocks, rugged fieldstones, or refined ledgestones, with all the style and colour choices, manufactured stone  is a wonderful material you can include in your designs again and again, without all of your projects looking the same.

More For the Money

While some of the higher-end manufactured stone brands and styles can be as costly as some natural stone products  manufactured stone is typically a less expensive option. With this in mind, designers and architects can include the look and feel of stone, in projects where natural stone may not fit the budget.

Not only is the cost of the stone itself lower, installations are generally simpler, and can therefore cost less as well. Manufactured stone is designed for building and created with beautiful integration in mind. Many manufactured stones already have a time-saving precast solution available.

Availability is an advantage. Some natural stone looks may need to be ordered from distant quarries whereas the range of manufactured stone products are equally available, making them more budget-friendly.


One of the most important benefits of manufactured stone is the sustainability. Created from concrete and aggregate materials, manufactured stone is poured into moulds of all sizes and shapes, and then coloured nearly every shade of the rainbow. Additionally, manufactured stone often contains recycled materials. Advances in manufactured stone in the last several decades has resulted in a better product that is more natural in appearance and extremely durable.

Today’s manufactured stone is made to last and requires virtually no maintenance. Unlike most natural stone, manufactured stone is often supported by a manufacturers warranty with some brands offering warranties up to 50 years in length

Less Structural Engineering Required

In some instances, manufactured stone is a better choice than natural stone, even if the cost isn’t considered. It is lighter in weight, which means that it lends itself well to exterior and interior walls, creating a beautiful look without the weight and subsequent logistical and structural issues natural stone might bring to the table. Being light also makes it easier to place than natural stone, making labor costs and time significantly reduced.

With a naturally high thermal mass, manufactured stone used in large amounts for homes can even optimize a building’s energy efficiency and performance. It also boasts low volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions, making it excellent for indoor use

The Takeaway

Designers, architects, builders and homeowners who desire a charming look that is different from the traditional brick, siding or stucco often turn to manufactured stone. Beyond providing an incredible aesthetic, manufactured stone can be ordered to match the style of any home and offers up a plethora of benefits, including lower cost, easier installation, sustainability, a wide range of style and colour options, and convenience. It’s really no surprise that manufactured stone is creating a buzz in interior and exterior design and architecture. If the designs you’re working on don’t include manufactured stone, you might give this versatile product another look.



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