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Customizing Mortar Color for Stone Veneer

Customizing Mortar Color for Stone Veneer Options

Did you know that the color of mortar used in stone projects can change the overall look of the project and also the stone veneer itself? Luckily, the days of using only tiresome neutral gray or tan mortar are long gone! Today, the possibilities for customizing and creating unique mortar colors are endless! Whether you choose to go with a natural stone, manufactured stone, or even a thin brick veneer, choose a mortar color to either complement or contrast the stone you select for your design!

Deciding on a mortar color can be tough, though it really comes down to personal preference. Choose between a subtle light, near-seamless, or a dark contrasting mortar for a tailored representation of your style. Whichever shade of mortar you choose to go with, there are different mortar styles and techniques to choose from that will further customize the look of you project!

Here’s a peak illustrating how different shades of mortar affect the look of stone veneer:

Light Mortar Color

Using a mortar that is lighter than the stone veneer tends to highlight the shape and color of each individual stone. Drawing more attention to the stone itself, a light mortar is a great way to add some distinction and character! This method allows the mortar and the stone to come together while making a bold statement. For instance, use a white or gray colored mortar with dark-toned stones to compliment a vivid design.

Light Mortar Joint Color
Matching Mortar Color

A neutral mortar that matches the stone’s predominant colorway creates a uniform and simplistic look. According to Cultured Stone®, tinting mortar to complement the color of the stone being installed is a great way to enhance the appearance of the finished installation. For instance, use a tan colored mortar with earth-toned stones to compliment a neutral design.

Matching Mortar Joint Color
Dark Mortar Color

Another way to create some character and add visual drama is by using a contrasting mortar that is darker than the stone. A contrasting mortar color dramatically changes the finished appearance while highlighting the shape and color of each individual stone. For instance, use a dark brown colored mortar with neutral tones stones to compliment a distinct design

Dark Mortar Joint Color

Still unsure what type of mortar color you prefer? Here’s a look at some project images comparing the same type and color of stone installed with both a light and a dark colored mortar:

Whether you choose to go with a natural stone, manufactured stone, or even a thin brick veneer, mortar’s influence on the finished look goes beyond just the color of mortar. Your choice of mortar style also has a significant impact on the final look! We hope this post helped provide you with a better understanding of how you can customize the finished look of your stone veneer project simply by changing the mortar color!