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Easy Fit Savannah Ledge



Easy Fit Savannah Ledge from Boral ProStone® is tightly fitted to form a precise yet rugged texture.  Easy Fit Savannah Ledge provides color and shadow for a variety of designs.  It comes grouped in modular components of equal height to make installation quick and easy.


  • Stone Sizes:
    •      - Length: 9" - 12"
    •      - Height: 6"
    • Corners: 3" - 12"
  • Available Colors: 4
  •      - Glacier Valley
  •      - Hidden Lake
  •      - Ridgeline
  •      - Vintage Wine 

To learn more about Easy Fit Savannah Ledge, please visit Resources to view Boral ProStone®’s brochure, technical information, installation guides and more.  

To find a Boral ProStone® dealer in your area, please click Where To Buy.

Available Colors

Click the thumbnails below to view a larger product image, as well as a project image showing a practical application (if available).

ProStone® - Easy Fit Savannah Ledge, Glacier Valley with tight fit mortar joints
Glacier Valley
ProStone® - Easy Fit Savannah Ledge, Hidden Lake with tight fit mortar joints
Hidden Lake
ProStone® - Easy Fit Savannah Ledge, Ridgeline with tight fit mortar joints
ProStone® - Easy Fit Savannah Ledge, Vintage Wine with tight fit mortar joints
Vintage Wine

Colors are integral and require no additional treatment or finishes. Our color selections enable you to match and color coordinate any stone with all of our Architectural Profiles & Trim products. This includes products such as watertable sills, wall/pier caps, window/door trim, and more!

Learn More About Boral ProStone®

Boral ProStone® veneer is a manufactured stone veneer that gives you the durable beauty and authentic look of natural stone at affordable prices. Suddenly stone is within reach™. For more information on our Boral ProStone® products, please visit our Resources page to access our vast collection of brochures, technical information and architectural resources.

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