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Handmade Brick



Count on Handmade Brick from Cultured Stone® to deliver a historic look with a practical twist. Handmade Brick is a thin faux brick veneer that has the appearance of a full thickness brick, but is lightweight and can be installed virtually anywhere as it doesn't require additional foundation support. Handmade Brick allows for easy installation and aesthetic beauty to your project.

Behind the look of Handmade Brick: For centuries, brick was manufactured individually by the rugged hands of brick throwers. They would lay soft clay into each forming box and then place them into archaic kilns with an inconsistent firing process. The inefficient manufacturing process resulted in an endless number of imperfections that created character and warmth to every wall.

Please Note: CSI previously launched Canvas™ Handmade Brick in 2018 as an exclusively Canadian product called ‘White Handmade Brick’. Canvas™ is now a part of the full Cultured Stone® product offering, and is now available in Canada and the USA.


  • Brick Sizes:
  •      - Length: 8 3/16"
  •      - Height: 2¾"
  •      - Thickness: ¾"
  • Corners: ¾", 35/8" & 8¼"
  • Available Colors: 4
  •      - Canvas™
  •      - Moroccan Sand
  •      - Rustic Manor
  •      - Titanium™

To learn more about Handmade Brick from Cultured Stone®, please visit Resources to view the Product Guide and Source Guide from Cultured Stone®, Installation Guidelines, Architectural Resources, and more.

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Available Colors

Click the thumbnails below to view a larger product image, as well as a project image showing a practical application (if available).

Cultured Stone® - Handmade Brick, Canvas™
Cultured Stone® - Handmade Brick, Moroccan Sand
Moroccan Sand
Cultured Stone® - Handmade Brick, Rustic Manor
Rustic Manor
Cultured Stone® - Handmade Brick, Titanium

Colors are integral and require no additional treatment or finishes. Our color selections enable you to match and color coordinate any stone with all of our Architectural Profiles & Trim products. This includes products such as watertable sills, wall/pier caps, window/door trim, and more!

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Build your legacy with Cultured Stone®, the pioneers of manufactured stone veneer. For over 50 years, Cultured Stone® has been the preferred stone veneer manufacturer among homeowners, builders and architects, who value quality, aesthetic, efficiency and precision. For more information on our Cultured Stone® products, please visit our Resources page to access our vast collection of brochures, technical information and architectural resources.

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