StoneTransitions® is full line of manufactured stone architectural accessories, designed for universal use with manufactured stone, natural stone veneer and other cladding. The  collection includes: Watertable Sills, Wall Caps, Pier Caps, Electrical Box Stones, Finishing Accents, Window and Door Trim, Hearthstones, and Fireplace Mantel Components. StoneTransitions® products have been crafted  to meet the needs of  homeowners, builders, architects, and other building professionals for residential, commercial & landscape use. Their wide variety of cast stone profiles, sizes & colors provide the perfect finishing touch for any project.

All colours are integral and require no additional treatment or finishes. The range of colour options enable you to match and coordinate with other products in this collection, including wall and pier caps, window and door trim, fireplace finishes and more.

Canadian Stone Industries (CSI) is the exclusive distributor of StoneTransitions® in Canada. To find a dealer in your area, please click Where To Buy.