TIER® Natural Stone Clearance & Overstock

TIER® Natural Stone

For the first time ever, we are offering our clearance and overstock TIER® Natural Stone products direct to the public! Take advantage of our Clearance & Overstock Items and get your hands on these quality brick products before they are all gone!

TIER® Natural Stone is a natural stone paneling system designed by experienced stone masons, specifically to create a distinctive and natural stone finish. The panels rise in interlocking tiers, fitting seamlessly together, eliminating the need for specialized labour and making TIER® Natural Stone a quick and easy system to use.

Part of what makes TIER® Natural Stone unique is that it has been designed and developed by professional stone masons. Only the highest quality natural stones are used to produce each TIER® panel, where each stone is carefully selected and dressed before use, so no two panels are the same.

Browse through our TIER® Natural Stone clearance & overstock products below, or visit our Clearance & Overstock page to view the full list!

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