ProStone® – Exclusively for CSI


Introducing ProStone® Exclusively for CSI, a limited selection of exclusive contemporary profiles made solely for CSI and the Canadian market.

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with ProStone® to create two exclusive neutral colorways that are on trend to meet today's product demands. These Exclusively for CSI colors are Black Iron & Grey Manor, which are available in 2 styles: Ledgestone and Easy-Fit Savannah Ledgestone.

These Exclusively for CSI manufactured stone veneers and are molded from natural stone resulting in a texture that is detailed, varied and remarkably lifelike. From sleek Easy Fit Savannah Ledge to rugged Ledgestone, there is a sophisticated charm from every angle. The appeal of Exclusively for CSI manufactured stone veneer comes without compromise: it meets the most stringent testing and code requirements and is also backed by a 50-year limited warranty. When the look of stone is this affordable, your imagination is the only limit. 

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ProStone® Exclusively for CSI Textures