Authintic Brick by Meridian® Brick

Authintic Brick by Meridian Brick

You’ve never seen or worked with a brick quite like this before. Authintic Brick by Meridian® Brick is the exciting new way to transform your home or business in ways you never thought possible. Authintic Brick is made from real fired clay brick, yet it’s also light and versatile, and it can be easily installed on virtually any existing wall surface. With Authintic Brick, transform any space with a cool new look or accent to create an impression that lasts a lifetime. Homeowners like Authintic Brick for the warm, comforting colors and eye-pleasing textures it brings to any room in the house. Our products have been used on all types of projects from interior design upgrades to exterior commercial applications in the harshest climates. If you are considering a thin brick masonry solution, look to Authintic Brick to fulfill your design needs.

Authintic Brick - So much more than brick.

Why choose Authintic Brick by Meridian® Brick
- Lightweight: 3” thinner and 70% lighter than dimensional brick.
- Easy to Install: Unlike full bed brick, applying thin brick to a substrate can be a DIY project!
- Environmentally Friendly: Made from natural materials, free of volatile compounds for your health.
- Made from Real Fired Clay Brick: Crafted from classic materials for an authentic appearance.
- Multitude of Texture Options: Smooth, velour, wire cut, tumbled, rolled, sanded and more.
- Compatible with Every Thin Brick System: Available in TBA, TBS and TBX grades, can be installed using any field applied or panelized system on the market today.

CSI - All Things Stone is the preferred distributor of Authintic Brick by Meridian® Brick in Canada. To find a dealer in your area, please click Where To Buy.

Authintic Brick by Meridian® Brick Textures