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Ledgestone from Pangaea® Natural Stone is a classic yet modern natural stone, perfect for any interior or exterior application. Pangaea® Natural Stone's Ledgestone features a natural weathered-face, split face and hewn surface finishes. It's definitely a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Specifications - Azul & Black Rundle

  • Stone Sizes:
  •      - Length: 6" - 18" 
  •      - Height: 2" - 5" 
  •      - Thickness: ¾" - 13/8
  • Weight: 8 -13 lbs/ft2 
  • Jumpers: Not Available
  • Corners: Available 
  • 2 Available Colors: 
  •      - Azul
  •      - Black Rundle

Specifications - Remaining Colors

  • Stone Sizes:
  •      - Length: 6" - 18" 
  •      - Height: 2" - 4" 
  •      - Thickness: ¾" - 13/8
  • Weight: 8 -13 lbs/ft2 
  • Jumpers*: 4" - 6" 
  • Corners: Available 
  • 5 Available Colors:  
  •      - Cambrian 
  •      - Grigio
  •      - Copper Canyon
  •      - Tuscan
  •      - West Coast 
  • *Jumpers are stone veneers that have a larger height profile, and are typically blended with Ledgestone to create a visual interest.

Available Colors

Click the thumbnails below to view a larger product image, as well as a project image showing a practical application (if available).

Azul* (Limestone)
Black Rundle* (Limestone)
Cambrian (Sandstone)
Copper Canyon (Sandstone)
Grigio (Sandstone)
Tuscan (Sandstone)
West Coast (Quartzite)

Colors are integral and require no additional treatment or finishes. Our color selections enable you to match and color coordinate any stone with all of our Architectural Profiles & Trim products. This includes products such as watertable sills, wall/pier caps, window/door trim, and more!

Learn More About Pangaea® Natural Stone

Experience the Pangaea® difference with Pangaea® Natural Stone. Whether you are a homeowner or involved in the professional building industry, Pangaea® is the ideal exterior or interior natural stone thin veneer solution. Pangaea® has many thin veneer stone profiles to choose from, a full range of natural architectural profiles, and landscaping products. For more information on our Pangaea® Natural Stone products, please visit our Resources page to access our brochures & technical information.

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