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Outdoor Kitchen


Earthcore® Isopanel Modular Kitchens

Earthcore® has streamlined the construction of building the classic culinary outdoor kitchen for quick assembly, affordability and total customization. Isopanel’s Modular Kitchens allow you to build an entire kitchen in less than a day! Using our Isokern Panels and Clips, building a beautiful, durable and practical outdoor kitchen is easier than ever. Each panel only weighs 100 lbs, so they can be easily moved when assembling.

Isokern Panels

Building an outdoor kitchen is easier than every with Isokern Panels. Customize your outdoor kitchen to your needs, L-shaped or as a 8' or 10' linear kitchen. Each panel weighs only 100 lbs, so they’re easily moved when assembling your new Isopanel Modular Kitchen. 

  • Specifications: 
  • - Width: 2"
  • - Height: 34"
  • - Depth: 3"


Isokern Clips

Slide the appropriate clip over the junction of two adjacent panels for holding them together while the mortar is applied.

  • Options:
  • - Straight
  • - 45⁰
  • - 'T' Clip
  • - 90⁰
Earthcore® Adhesive Mortar

Designed to mortar each panel to the floor and to each other. A trowel can be used for initial application. Once the kitchen “base” has been constructed, the disposable mortar bag can be used to fill space between the panels.

Learn More About Earthcore®

Earthcore® is the leading manufacturer of Isokern fireplaces & chimney systems, Isopanel modular kitchens, Iso'ven wood burning ovens, and Isoflames solutions. Using only the finest building materials, Earthcore's reputation for innovation and superior quality make them the leader in custom fireplaces and outdoor kitchens. For more information on Earthcore® products, please visit our Resources page to access our vast collection of brochures, technical information and architectural resources.

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