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Masonry Chimney


Isokern Dual Module (DM54) Chimney System

The most popular and widely used Isokern Dual Module (DM) Chimney System—the Isokern DM54 Chimney System is impervious to wear and tear. This masonry chimney system has been venting homes and buildings near the Polar Circle for decades. Over the last quarter century, Isokern Chimney Systems have vented over 155 million meters of chimney in North America.

The DM54 Chimney System is up to 14” diameters and can be used on all larger Isokern fireplaces, such as the 42”- 46” Standard Series and the 36”-72” Magnum Series. Unlike traditional masonry or modular concrete and steel/metal stack chimney system designs, the Isokern DM54 Chimney System was built to last a lifetime—resisting cracking, deflecting and oxidation.

The DM54 Chimney System is component-based and with an inner liner and outer casing is the only all masonry chimney system tested and listed to UL103HT (High Temperature) standards. The dual modular design allows for more diverse, lightweight, masonry-type installations, and each component is built with tongue and groove construction with offset joints, enabling a tighter fit for maximum safety and consistent installation. In addition, the DM54 Chimney System with 100% zero-clearance to combustibles, makes it the easiest flue system to install.

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